With Cadence Petroleum, loggers can save thousands on oil and lubricant products

Chad Richard Vanderford describes a scenario as plain as it sounds: “A lot of loggers out there go to local stores to grab a bucket of engine or hydraulic oil when they need it.” A scene akin to a suburban dad running to the big box hardware store for a single screw to fix a loose shelf. That’s fine if you just need the one screw — or the one case of oil. But what if you know you’re going to need a lot more? 

Vanderford is a Regional Sales Manager for Cadence Petroleum. The company has 23 locations across the Southeast US. They’re also one of the inaugural vendors in the new Timber Hauling platform. “I knew we could partner with the Timber Hauling group to help these guys out with pricing on Oil and Lubricants products they need every day,” he says.

Timber industry pros working in the woods experience significant downtime each time they need to grab more Lubricant products for their equipment. A logger who runs to town for oil can save time — sometimes hours — getting it delivered from Cadence. 

“Overall we can save folks tons of money. They can be on one platform and everyone out in the woods can look at pricing and get deliveries when they need it,” says Vanderford. The savings can be significant, too, depending on usage. For most, savings of 15% are not unheard of.

Loggers and timber industry professionals don’t need to worry about the revenue loss to a small-town hardware store. Cadence itself is a moderately sized business, having purchased additional companies such as Apollo Oil and Pugh Lubricants in numerous states over the last two decades. 

“We’re very customer-based,” says Vanderford. “Every customer to me is important.” So important, Vanderford has no qualms about any logger calling his cell phone directly, a number he shares freely with Timber Hauling members. 

“A lot of these guys don’t have a single person to talk to for their equipment needs,” he adds, noting he and his team of five are routinely a go-to contact for their customers. 

Once a customer, Vanderford pushes himself and his sales team to be more proactive, making sure everyone who needs something gets it before they even think about calling someone. “We know the products they need. And if we don’t know something, we have engineers who can identify answers to all sorts of equipment questions.”

Cadence delivers to its name, with select routes and deliveries automatically scaled to meet customer demands. “We deliver what we promise,” says an emphatic Vanderford.

Cadence Petroleum has been in discussions with Timber Hauling for over two years — often delayed heavily by the early days of COVID-19 shutdowns. But Vanderford has high hopes and expectations for customers and as a vendor in Timber Hauling. “We already work with a lot of loggers out there. Many are here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to find these guys their offices maybe located at their house. “When we talked about Timber Hauling, we thought it was a great opportunity to reach new customers who might have never heard about Cadence,” he adds. 

Loggers and timber industry pros ready to save money on petroleum products can join Timber Hauling now and get 15% off in the southeast United States, including North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and more. 

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