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With the rise of vehicle dash cams over the past 15 years, we have seen just how much careless drivers will try to get away with. They will claim to have been driving perfectly before getting hit through no fault of their own. Then, they realize there was a dash cam on the other vehicle and the tables are turned. But what happens in situations where the incident happened off-camera? What if your truck’s road-facing camera couldn’t capture what was going on behind you?

When it comes to the safety of your drivers and timber trucks, you need to make sure you’re getting the full story on video. Vestige is now offering 17% off all of their safety solutions when you use Timber Hauling’s exclusive coupon code.

Unlike a standalone dash cam, Vestige offers multi-camera setups that capture every angle around your truck. This allows you to capture sideswipes and other incidents that would normally go unrecorded. “Even if your driver wasn't at fault, without video to prove it, you're going to be to blame,” says Corey Hanvey, Director of Sales with Vestige. “When something happens, you want to make sure that you have the coverage to prove that you weren't at fault.  If you were at fault, the videos will expedite claims and litigation and save money in the long run.”

The functionality of Vestige’s camera systems goes beyond that of traditional dash cams available to everyday consumers. In the event of poor driving, an accident, or anything else that alerts the system, the videos will become available to you on any computer or mobile device. “They're automatically going to upload to your computer. You can sit back and get a notification and click on them.  You can also live stream from all camera angles and retrieve non-event footage remotely.  Most companies require pulling the memory card to retrieve non-event footage, not Vestige” says Hanvey.

Vestige not only offers cameras, but other products as well, including personnel trackers with duress buttons, trackers for equipment, and more. “We've been around since [2013] providing safety solutions for, really, anything you can think of,” says Hanvey. “We have tool tracking where we can track things like chainsaws, ladders, expensive things that you typically wouldn't put an asset tracker on.”

This tool tracking is part of ArgoTag, a new service recently rolled out by Vestige. “What's cool with ArgoTag is we pair those tools or whatever you want to put it on with the GPS,” explains Hanvey. “And if that GPS gets more than a certain distance away from the tool that's associated with it, it'll say, ‘Hey, you left the chainsaw at the job site!’”

While the technology is cutting edge, Hanvey says that their main focus is in quality service. “We want to give you that small town customer support that you had back  when you first signed up for GPS and the person that sold you was the person that picked up the phone when you called.”

If you are already a member of TimberHauling.com and want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can sign up for a demonstration. Vestige’s safety services are available to small companies with a single-truck fleet, large companies with 50+ trucks, and everyone in between. After filling out a quick information sheet on Vestige’s website, one of their representatives will reach out to assess your company’s specific needs and go over safety solutions that work for you. 

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