Using Air-Weigh Scales can save you a ton—here’s how.

If you have been around the timber hauling world, getting pulled over and ticketed for overloading probably doesn’t sound unusual. Or even worse, having to offload after checking in overweight at a weigh station.

Air-Weigh On-Board Scales offers a great solution to this issue with their weight scale kits. By knowing your weight prior to transporting a load, you ensure compliance and boost productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Why you Should Use Air-Weigh Scales

If you’re serious about investing in a vehicle scale for your log truck, look no further than the Air-Weigh scale for the following reasons.

High-Quality Equipment

Air-Weigh has been in the scale-making business long enough to streamline their product to the highest standards. As a result, the company produces USA made, accurate scales that can take a beating and continue to work as hard as you do.


Frequent check-weighs at public weighing stations mean giving up several bucks and time you could be hauling instead of waiting in line. The initial investment in an Air-Weigh scale can easily pay for itself in a matter of months or less if you consider the cost of overweight fines. 

The best part, you get a 10% discount on the Air-Weigh scale you purchase if you are a member of the Timberhauling.com platform.


Air-Weigh scales give you the flexibility to move around. With the Premier LoadMaxx system, you have the ability to check your weight from outside the truck using the LoadMaxx app, you can even email your weight data and location back to the office.

Do you Need a Scale?

Part of doing business is keeping track of the weight of your log truck. And in keeping an eye on the freight, no step is more productive than having an on-board scale. Let’s take a look at a few benefits.


The number one cause of unscheduled truck maintenance is overloading. Although your truck is tough, overloading the vehicle will certainly increase operation and maintenance costs.

As the overloaded truck struggles up the hill, the vehicle parts experience premature wear and tear. In addition, too heavy of a load causes damage to vehicle parts like the suspension, bodywork, brakes, tires, center bolts, suspension, axle and alignment, transmission, and more.

That said, you will spend more money replacing worn-out parts and carrying out regular maintenance.

You can always make the second trip, but you won't complete your journey if your truck gives out.

Compliance with the law

And although a truck can easily pull its load capacity and more, checking in overweight at a weigh station could have you facing fines. Even more, the vehicle can get impounded in roadside weight checks and weighbridges until the problem is corrected.

The driver has the responsibility of knowing the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle. More than that, to avoid falling foul of the law, the driver must ensure that the weight of the loaded truck is beneath the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWS). The GVWS is the number of pounds that a vehicle can legally hold and each state may have different guidelines pertaining to GVWS. Therefore, you need to check your state regulations.

Drivers with an on-board scale can easily view their truck's weight and weight limits.


If you want to travel safely and securely mile after mile, you need to know your truck's weight.

A heavily laden truck has the following serious safety implications;

  • Loading beyond the limit reduces the vehicle's steering ability, handling, and control.
  • The braking distance lengthens. As a result, the driver can easily misjudge the stopping distance.
  • Mechanical failures will be more likely.
  • Tires are more likely to develop problems since they run hot.
  • The visibility reduces for the driver if the vehicle is loaded above the driver seat or the load blocks the driver's rear view through the side mirrors.

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