Timber Hauling users can custom-build Class A Kenworth trucks at 30x scale

Partnership enables loggers to order 2-5 trucks at the same discounts as fleets with 50-60 trucks

In the trucking industry, few names have the long-term experience Kenworth does. A pioneer in the truck manufacturing space, Kenworth was first in using a standard diesel fuel engine, a raised-roof sleeper cab, and the W900 series trucks have been produced for sixty years. Their truck bodies are also among the first to feature aerodynamic designs. Loggers using Timber Hauling can now save big on an off-the-lot or custom-built Class A Kenworth truck.

Matt Hoover is a truck salesman at MHC-Kenworth in eastern North Carolina. “I’ve been in the trucking industry for four years now, specifically in truck sales,” he says. “Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC) is the largest dealer for Kenworth trucks in North America.”

Kenworth originally started in 1912, serving loggers near Portland, Oregon under the name Gerlinger Motors. “We’re proven in the logwoods,” says Hoover. “They focused their business model to making a specifically-tuned truck for logging,” he adds. Kenworth’s customizability makes them — and their customers — stand out in any industry, but specifically logging where special-built chassis, accessories, and frames improve performance and efficiency. 

As Hoover explains, “When you order a truck we usually ask for a discount from Kenworth. The discount varies depending on the quantity. With Timber Hauling, we’re giving loggers who might otherwise have access to 2-5 trucks the same discounts as if they were ordering a fleet of 50-60 trucks.”

That’s a huge pricing advantage and business-changing level of support for smaller logging operations in the United States. 

“It varies depending on what you put on the truck. Because you want it to do something specific to accommodate what you do” says Hoover, “But the more specialized the truck the more the discount grows. We typically see the savings somewhere in the $2,000-$6,0000 range.”

There are more advantages for Timber Hauling users, too. “Very few brands have the same level of reach as MHC Kenworth,” says Hoover. “If you or any one of our customers has a breakdown in Asheville or Atlanta or Nashville or anywhere else, you have the same customer network everywhere.”

“Our MHC Dealer Network is heavily equipped to support loggers once they hit the road. These things are man-made, and they can break down. But when it does, we’re there to support customers. Just say your name and a customer number and you get the same rates as your local dealer,” says Hoover.

The continuity of support is one reason Kenworth trucks retain the title of highest resale values in the market, too. “When a customer invests in a new Kenworth, they’re able to get more out of it on the secondary market,” says Hoover.

You can get access to these savings when you start using Timber Hauling today. 

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