Stop Waiting Weeks for Payment and Start Your Next Job Hassle-Free

Reducing fuel costs, improving cash flow, and staying competitive are the fundamentals behind Ryan Transportation Services (RTS). RTS began in 1986 as a brokerage to help about 60,000 carriers move loads across the country, bringing around 300,000 shipments each year. 

Jarrett Wold, the Business Development Manager for RTS carrier services, explains how RTS helps from fuel discounts to assisting carriers to save money any way they can, significantly lowering the cost of one of the most expensive fuels, diesel. RTS and Wold’s goals are for you to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

Wold shares how RTS partnered with Pilot Flying J back in 2011 to expand their fuel station network. With over 2,000 stations and still growing, RTS gives truckers more fueling options across the country. RTS also offers maintenance and factoring to benefit drivers further, "performing over 70,000 financial transactions" daily, giving carriers the chance to build cash flow and be paid quicker.

RTS got involved with factoring to change the industry average of waiting 60 to 90 days to get paid for a load. Instead, factoring gets you the money within 24 hours. Wold explains that RTS does "the backend work, dealing with the brokers, all the billing and stuff," so you don't have to worry about that, and you can "focus on the road."

There are, of course, a few qualifications to get started with factoring, like getting the committee on board to make sure everything is set up correctly from the start. But then, after you're approved, you'll add your invoices into the RTS Pro app by uploading a photo of your invoice, and they pay you within 24 hours. So, once your invoice is in the RTS system, you keep on trucking.

RTS fronts the money and then goes back to dealing with the brokers and recouping what they've paid you for the load. It means that you've got money in your pocket to pay your fuel bill and move onto the next job.

Wold says, "we want to be a valuable partner that helps to drive their success and just have every opportunity to save more." The other unique way RTS helps you with cash flow is by saving on fuel costs. Since many carriers experience money worries like trying to buy a home, one of their gas card programs, partnered with Pilot Flying J, offers no fees, no interest, and no credit check. This program allows you to have the fuel card without the hassle and gives you over 2000 stations to use.

The fuel card system also offers an online management system too. "So, you get complete control of your account, your cards, you can access all your transaction reports." This system will also help you during tax season because everything is all there, organized, and straightforward.

RTS doesn't mind if you are one or a hundred trucks either. But, as Wold reminds us, "each company is going to be different." Some like the amenities of Pilot Flying J stations, or they prefer the other option of an RTS Fleet One Card. The Fleet One Card is an excellent option for larger fleets and offers cash advances plus money code features.

In addition, RTS purchased the TMS platform Pro Transport in 2016, giving you even more options and access to the resources you need as a carrier. With this system, you can "do anything from payroll to accounting, and it basically just helps carriers cut down on paperwork by 40%." It's just another way RTS makes your life as a carrier easier and keeps more money in your pocket.

As happy as Wolds is for the offerings RTS delivers for truckers today, he is excited about the future. With the RTS brokerage hauling loads, too, you even have the option of working directly with them to find new jobs from their private load board, all within the RTS Pro app.

"It's a great opportunity, especially to help advance in this specific sector," Wold shares, "we have that advantage just to help out the courier [to] save money [and] help them grow their business as well because when they're growing, we're growing too."

Because Timber Hauling is here to save you money, we partnered with RTS to give you access to their fuel savings, hassle-free invoicing, and get paid faster. The advantages are clear: over 2000 fuel stations, getting paid within 24 hours instead of 60 to 90 days, not having to deal with brokerages, and accessing everything you need to get paid, plus handle your accounting.

You can get started with these savings when you begin using Timber Hauling today.

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