Site Docs

"Our goal is to ensure our customers are Confidently Compliant. SiteDocs helps companies streamline operations with digital forms, ensure compliance with real-time monitoring, and reduce injuries with advanced analytics." 

This is from Thomas Andres, Chief Innovation of Site Docs, a leading paperless safety management system. Site Docs puts the end-users first and foremost. That's why they are a reliable upgrade to ease the burden of safety inspections for your business.

What is Site Docs?

Launched in 2012, Site Docs is based out of British Columbia, Canada has helped thousands of companies go paperless. It manages all safety documents, manuals, and certifications in one place—on your mobile device or tablet. You can have the peace of mind knowing your business is legally compliant.

Why do you need Site Docs?

As loggers and timber industry professionals, time is crucial and any solution must be fast, simple, reliable, and easy.

Site Docs is already used and trusted by many loggers. "What we’ve identified is that our customers want an easy to use tool for their crew. Loggers specifically need remote/offline access to their safety manuals, documentation and training which is normally in their truck or maybe a site trailer and is almost impossible to keep up to date." said Andres.

Site Docs offers access to all the required documents on your mobile device or tablet. Questioned about certifications to drive the truck? You can show your paperwork in just three clicks.

With its customer-first approach, Site Docs continuously works to improve the simplicity of its system. The end goal is to make it easier for the loggers and other users. You'll know what and when to do it so that you can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Site Docs

With ease of use, the ability to maintain compliance, potentially save on insurance, and exceptional customer service, Site Docs is an excellent addition to your logging business.

Within 3 clicks, you are done with your entry. Site Docs can adapt to your business and works for a small company of two or a company for 15,000.

"We realized early on that one of the biggest things that you have to target is the ease of use. If the people that are actually in the field can't easily use the product, they won't do it." It is entirely true. With Site Docs' simplicity, you don't have to be tech savvy because the software is just that easy to use.

Site Docs is also widely popular among manufacturers and construction workers. Their companies have been vocal about how the software saved them on insurance. Site Docs measures the variables for you, so you know the figures and can take care of the rest.  

They also have a 24-7 support team. You will always have access, even if you call in the middle of the night.

Site Docs is also available when you are offline. You still have all your documents for proof. As a business, you can monitor from your office and build custom forms like Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incidents, Hazard Assessments, OSHA 300, etc. It's all digital and you can add photos, comments, and annotations easily. You can also capture digital signatures and date/time/GPS stamps.

Site Docs offers real-time tracking and a feature to chat directly with workers. Know if documentation is filled out and respond quickly to hazards or incidents. 

At the end of the day, Site Docs helps your business save time, money, and lives without complexity.

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