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Cadence Petroleum Group

Shell Rotella 15W-40

Shell Rotella 15W-40

Save $1,200

Only 20 full pallets available at this savings - 240 gallons

Full pallet – 80 cases/240 gallons - $5,319.20 $4,119.20

Save $600

Only 20 half pallets available at this savings - 120 gallons

Half pallet – 40 cases/120 gallons - $2,739.60 $2,139.60

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Offer expires January  31, 2023

Only $10 delivery fee.
Take advantage of end of year tax breaks.

Diesel Laptops

Diesel Laptops is providing an introductory offer to Timber Hauling members valued at $250 a month along with 90 days of free repair information.

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