Past Promotions


Enroll with Vestige and you are eligible to win $100
Offer Valid March 23rd - April 6th

North American Rescue

Enter for a chance to win this Logger’s First Aid Kit just by enrolling!
Retails for $251.99

North America Supply

Make sure your skidders are ready for snow! For a limited time, we have an exclusive discount for Timber Hauling users on pewag’s Wheel Track!

Cadence Petroleum Group

Pricing has been going up for the last few months. This will help the loggers for they may have been paying $10 a bucket higher than what we're offering for our Fall Pail Promotion. 

Offer Valid August 23rd - October 29th
Promotion ended

North American Rescue

Enter to Win a NAR Logger First Aid and Trauma Kit!

Retails for $251.99