Pricing membership is FREE to test drive for six months. That means you can save thousands of dollars on hoses, tires, equipment, legal expenses, oil, fuel etc. helps take some of the risks and expenses out of your business. We know the costs of insurance, labor, and supplies only go up. 

With, we’re trying to help you bring your costs down.  

Click here now to start saving. is open to members and non-members of state logging associations.  You will have six months to show your business is a member of your state’s logging association to continue getting free access to the savings. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Hauling

What states are included in the pilot of Timber Hauling?

Timber harvesters, haulers, and others in the timber industry principally located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Additional states will be eligible soon.

What will membership cost after the free 6-month trial?

The cost is only $25 per year after your free six month trial.

That small fee is the key for you to continue saving thousands of dollars. This also helps us continue to grow this platform and bring in additional vendors to help you save even more.

Are there limits to discounts or Timber Hauling?

There are no limits! A company of 1 or 3,000+ can enjoy all the perks of membership.

What if I don't want to continue after 6 months?

Simply cancel your account. Though we think you'll get significant value and savings after even just a few weeks of use.

What all is included with membership?

Quite a lot, and more are coming. Currently discounts are available from great partners like Goodyear Truck Tires, Cadence Petroleum, and Schwab Bros. See all the great discounts here.