TCS levels the playing field for small to mid-size trucking companies through exceptional discounts, service, and technology.

Get Exclusive Benefits

As a member of the Timberhauling.com platform, when you sign up for the TCS fuel card you gain access to the TCS fuel program that delivers big discounts on diesel fuel purchases using your cash secured TCS Fuel Card at our In-Network locations. The collective volume of our growing client base allows us to negotiate cost-plus pricing that is normally reserved for the larger carriers.

Last year, TCS clients saved up to 45 cents per gallon on fuel at our In-Network locations

Since TCS launched in 2014, we have passed over $200 million in fuel discounts to our clients, making it easier for them to manage one of the largest expenses of trucking.

Nationwide Truck
Stop Partners

TCS is accepted nationwide and our discount partners include TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST®, Roady's, Sapp Brothers, Road Ranger, Petroleum Wholesale, Fuel City and many more independent truck stops.

Zero transaction Fees at
In-Network locations

TCS clients pay $0 transaction fees on fuel purchases at more than 1,000 in-network discount partner locations across the country.

How to buy TCS

Step 1

Apply for the TCS Fuel
Card today!

Click apply now to use the application portal.

Step 2

Sign Your Services
Agreement and Create Your TCS Account!

Please login to your account to complete your setup. You will need to electronically sign the paperwork so that we can place your card order.

Step 3

Your TCS Cards Have
Arrived. Call Today
to Activate!

Call to activate your card.

Where can I find stations accepting TCS Fuel?

For a detailed state map, sign up for a free account. Dedicated TCS representatives are standing by to serve you. Your TCS card can be used for pickup trucks, service trucks, and log trucks.
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