Better Quality, Better Price. Guaranteed!

Exclusive Membership Benefits

You can save 40%on Schwab Brothers Hydraulics through Timber Hauling

Let your membership work for you! As a member of  the Timberhauling.com Platform you can receive huge discounts on your supply of top-quality hydraulic hose & fittings.

No Cost Transition Plan

If you already own a crimping machine, do not worry, there will be no need to purchase a new machine! We have developed crimps specifications for multiple different machines, to include the Gates 707, in order to crimp our product. Also, there is no minimum “buy-in” so you keep the inventory you have and purchase the fittings and hose from us once you need replenishment equaling no loss on your current inventory investment.

Special Discounts

Our discount program allows you to receive wholesale pricing on hoses & fittings that give you 30-40% savings versus purchasing assembled hoses from local retail outlets!

Unmatched Performance

Our product line has been put to the test time & time again in the log woods and has outperformed all its competitors!

Expert Assistance

No matter the hour we have a staff of Hydraulic Specialists ready to answer and assist with any questions that may arise!

How to Purchase Hose & Fittings

Make the Call

Our staff will want to get to know your operation and find exactly what options work best for you and then create your account.

Place the Order

After your account is created, call us at anytime and we will take your order and the products will ship to your doorstep!

On the initial call ensure our staff is aware of your membership in order to receive the discount.

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