At the 30 second mark, Chris Anderson with Goodyear reveals loggers are saving $40 to $80 per tire. See sample tire pricing below.

How Does Your National Goodyear Account Work?

- You qualify with just one truck or a small fleet
- You now have the same buying power as some of the largest truck fleets in the country (see discount pricing examples below)
- You can purchase from your local Goodyear dealer or any authorized Goodyear dealer in the US
- You can purchase commercial tires, retreads, pickup truck and car tires with your national Goodyear account

It's EASY to CLAIM your National Goodyear Account

Step 1. Click the button below

Step 2. Fill out the Goodyear application - approvals made in 3 to 7 days

Step 3. Use your new Goodyear National Account at your favorite local Goodyear dealer anywhere in the US

Note - on the application form, please disregard the requirement that states you must spend $100,000 a year for tires. This Goodyear program goes through Timber Hauling which is the national account
See discount pricing examples below

Sample Pricing

Full list of Goodyear tires under the National Account is available upon sign up.
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