Take the Headache Out of Ticket Tracking

Get Exclusive Benefits

Special Discounts

As a member of Timberhauling.com, you can save 13.5%. That's up to $1,000 off your license prices with Caribou.

Save Time and Enhance Professionalism

Users consistently tell us that our system reduces the time they spend on their paperwork by half. They also report that landowners appreciate the professional settlements they receive from our system.

Software Built for Forestry by People Who Care

At Caribou, we care about simplifying our users' work lives and helping them do their business better. And our developers and client service team understand and enjoy the unique challenges of the forestry business.

How to buy 

Step 1

Review our Products & Watch Online Demos

Review our Forestry Products on our website, and click on the US flag to learn more about each one. You will find screenshots and online videos for each product.

Step 2

Schedule a Q&A Phone Call

After you watch the online demo, we will schedule a Q&A phone call to answer any questions that you have. We are also happy to review your paperwork, and provide feedback about how our software can help you handle your unique business scenarios and challenges.

Step 3

Schedule Installation and 1st Training Session

When you are ready to move forward, Caribou will schedule your software installation and arrange your first training session. Your sessions are one-on-one online sessions with your own "personal trainer." You don't know how fun software can be until you work with our team!
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