On-Board Scales for Trucks, Tractors and Trailers

Get Exclusive Benefits

Special Discounts

As a member of the Timberhauling.com platform, you get access to a 10% discount on Air-Weigh scale kits

Maximize Payload and Avoid Costly fines

Get the perfect load every time and avoid hefty overweight fines and fees that help your on-board scale pays for itself in just a matter of months.

Eliminate Guesswork and Increase Safety

Make educated weight decisions at the loading dock and in the field. With Air-Weigh there is no need for inefficient reworking of loads and searching for in-ground scales.

How to buy

Step 1

Find the right scale

Use our intuitive Scale Selection Guide to find the exact kit you need based on your vehicle and axle needs. Our fleet specialists are always happy to help guide you through the scale selection process as well.

Step 2

Place your order

Contact Air-Weigh with your unique discount code so one of our fleet specialists can help guide you to the proper kit and place your order.

Step 3

Your order ships

We ship your selected scale kit that includes needed items for the install. We’re here to help you through the install process with any questions.

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