Know where your trucks are heading physically and financially, with discounts on Reveal from Verizon Connect

Logging companies with fleets of trucks — even a fleet of one — can save time, money, and legal headaches by installing GPS tracking in their trucks. For many who are already using GPS tracking of their trucks, the benefits are likely already known. For those who aren’t, or are looking to switch to a more robust platform, Timber Hauling users can now receive special offers on Verizon Connect Reveal products.

“We help loggers run their business better,” says Ashlee Tramutolo. Tramutolo works on Verizon’s Product Success team. “Our dispatch and GPS-tracking software allows companies to make more accurate decisions. And a big thing is prioritizing driver safety.”

Fuel economy, idle time, and log reporting

Verizon Connect's aptly named Reveal software works in tandem with a small hardware device plugged into the vehicle. The hardware connects to Verizon's cellular network to communicate to the Reveal backend system. Devices can be self installed or a technician can be scheduled to install the units on-site for you.

“These reports are useful for recording idling time, producing safety scores, fuel economy, mileage, truck locations, and even planning more confidently with customizable reports,”  says Tramutolo.

She adds a lot of customers compile this data — all of which is stored automatically in the cloud for up to 13 months — to help produce safety plans and reduce risk. 

Driver accountability and protection

Introducing new tracking devices can be rough for hesitant drivers, a notion Tramutolo does not ignore. 

“We hear from drivers that this is ‘Big Brother’, or ‘I’ve been doing this for years’,” she says. “But it also helps the driver. By using our Live Map you can find the best routes around traffic. Going further than just Google Maps, we can also help drivers show they were 40-minutes late and why.”

Tramutolo says once drivers are involved in an incident that isn’t their fault, “They have proof to fall back on.” This is doubly true for customers who use Verizon-connected dashcams . “Once [drivers] need it, they’re instantly bought into it,” says Tramutolo. “We know the second drivers get a ticket or into a wreck, it can hurt their career. This saves everyone money and keeps drivers protected.”

The devices also track vehicle speed and other safety risks. Which is something else veteran drivers may lament. Meeting deadlines sometimes means hitting the gas, but trucks carrying tons of logging material can put lives at risk. 

Data security, privacy, and connectivity

All of the data stored in Reveal is held securely and can be accessed for thirteen months before being deleted to comply with privacy rules in California and the EU. But all data — including footage, if any — can be downloaded and saved to your local PC or network. 

Dashboards, reports, and setup of the hardware and software work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and come with accompanying iOS and Android apps. 

“And in the off chance you might be in a remote spot without Verizon coverage, the devices continue to use GPS. A special ‘offline mode’ allows users to collect notes that automatically sync back to the cloud once a connection is re-established.”

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