"We have vendors set up for our log bodies. We have vendors set up for storm recovery bodies and waste recycling. We have our own production facility and own fabrication shops. So anything custom,Pintle hooks, toolboxes, truck bodies, lighting systems, you name it, we can help."

Dustin Moffitt is the Product Manager at Hiab for the Loaders/Material Handlers. His main responsibility is the growth of the Material Handler Product Line in the US—a product that has been around globally for over 30 years. 

HIAB has been serving customers since 1944. The loader/ material handler line is manufactured in Stargard Poland.

HIAB Loaders

The US market currently uses A-Frame loaders, which are popular because of its flexibility and long reach. But these users are missing out on the various benefits and ease of use of HIAB’s loaders.

How Do HIAB Loaders Differ From A-Frame?

This loader fits anywhere the regular A-Frame does, but offers more advantages. One of the biggest advantages is its significant picking power and slewing force.

Features of HIAB Loaders

The HIAB loaders are reliable, safe, and offer an increased payload. The loaders are made of high-grade steel and structural design. They are lightweight, offer long-lasting durability, and are of great use to the timber industry and the loggers. Whether the work is in flatlands or mountainous areas, it offers a high level of performance and top-notch safety.

Another benefit is the unique HIAB design. Moffitt explains, "We have a lot more picking power because essentially we're a crane. We're known for building cranes that are much more robust at lifting. We added a lot more pressure. We're running about a thousand PSI more than the competitor." So, the lifting capacity increases significantly.” The slewing force is also impressive at 26,000 lb/ft using an oil bathed rack and pinion system. 

HIAB also believes in safety. They offer load-holding valves (LHV) on all of their loaders and an electric component known as an E-stop. You can tie it to an automatic transmission or a series of dump valves that HIAB also provides. "If you were to have a failure, like a hose rupture, the grapple is not going to come crashing into the ground because of a pressure loss. Our load-holding valves are going to take over, and it's going to keep it in the air,” said Moffitt.

E-Stop is an electronic safety system that can be installed to disconnect the PTO or linked to a series of dump valves. If a failure were to occur, the operator can hit the E-stop, cutting the power to the PTO to stop oil flow or directed through the dump valve back to the tank. This minimizes oil loss. He adds, "You repair, you click the E-stop back on, and you're back in business."

A few other overall features of HIAB loaders are the style of the boom and hose protection link. The boom provides more leverage and lifting capacity with a lighter boom that utilizes a link system. Hoses are routed internally of the boom on a pulley system and pass through a Hose protection link (HPL) at the boom tip. HPL keeps the grapple rotator hoses protected from material. Dustin mentions, "There is little chance of them ever getting caught."

HIAB also provides a bumper-to-bumper two-year warranty

HIAB loaders are all mechanical. The only electronic components are the boom extension switch that allows you to extend out and an electronic switch panel near the operator that controls the stabilizers, lights, heated seat and start stop functions. There is a redundant mechanical valve for the stabilizer as well.

"For any reason, if there was an electronic failure, everything is mechanical. You can get that machine closed up and get out of the woods, so you're not stuck," said Moffitt

HIAB also offers two different boom lengths on the J14S model with a max outreach of 31’5”. They offer six different boom lengths on the J24, with a max outreach of 41’4”. Also, there are two different styles of stabilizer legs.

As a member of TimberHauling.com, you get a 10% discount off the MSRP, valid on many different models of HIAB USA.

Expert Support Team

HIAB also offers equipment expertise with a product-specific service team, available to you throughout the lifecycle of the machinery. They also have over 200 certified mobile technicians to help you whenever and wherever you need.

What's next?

Contact HIAB today and mention TimberHauling.com for your 10% discount!

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