Here’s how to save thousands on fuel each year with Timber Hauling and TCS Fuel

Any logging operation that’s hauled so much as a log knows about fuel, the price of fuel, and fuel cards. But for the uninitiated, Jim Yates, Director of Partner Services at TCS Fuel Cards, will cheerily tell you about them. “There are two types of fuel discounts: retail minus, where the discount is a fixed amount off the retail price or cost plus, where the fuel discounts are derived from a cost-plus factor, which is what ours is.”

TCS is the newest addition to Timber Hauling’s growing list of timber and logging industry discounts. Their fuel card’s “cost-plus” model is similar to the way most large fleets negotiate and purchase over the road fuel. For businesses lacking scale and with only a few trucks, this option is usually unavailable, but now it is through TCS.

“Our discount is not fixed, it’s based on the daily costs of fuel for a given location, plus a pumping fee,” says Yates. “For 2019, based on all In-network purchases, our clients saved an average of .35 cents [a gallon]. Last year the average savings was .45 cents and in Q2 2020 it reached a high of .63 cents per gallon.” At the end of April 2021, the 30-day running average was .43 cents a gallon.

For a truck filling up with 120 gallons, at a .43 cent discount as a hypothetical example, $51.60 goes back to the business in savings. Filling up 10-12 times a month becomes $619 in reduced fuel expense. Annually, the savings could easily exceed $7,000 per truck. 

How does a TCS fuel savings account work?

Timber Hauling members can get instant access to the TCS network when they sign up. Users then cash-secure their cards with TCS by depositing funds into their account to create a credit line.  The card can be used at participating truck stop locations nationwide for fuel and other trucking related expenses and as needed, your TCS credit line can be replenished through several options including Bank Wires, ACH, Blynk (Zelle) and Western Union transfers. 

“Our cost-plus pricing model and our truck stop partners sets us apart,” says Yates. “Most of our competitors offer retail-minus based programs and they don’t match our pricing and savings,” he adds. “We’re the only reseller integrated into EFS and Comdata’s systems and we have a 24/7 customer service line that can take care of client needs.”

TCS’ network covers 8,000 locations across the US, including our nearly 1,100 In-Network fuel stops anchored by TA Petro (also known as TravelCenters of America) as a major network partner, which has excellent coverage in the Carolinas and the southeast US.

“We charge $0 transaction fees for fuel at our In-Network fuel stops. If you go out of network, there’s a $3 fee. There are no hidden fees, setup fees, and no monthly fees,” says Yates.

“We also offer a ‘better of’ price at most In-Network locations so you always get the most discount at the pump based on any available discounts or the retail price,” adds Yates. Additional perks include the ability to find participating fuel centers through their Fuel Finder app and website, managing card controls including usage and cost limits for drivers on the road, and the ability to see fuel prices along a route.

To get saving, sign up for Timber Hauling now.

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