Benefits of Caribou: The Perfect Software Program for Loggers 

Whether your logging business is small or large, Caribou will help you streamline contractor payments, analyze tract productivity and profitability, and even help transform the way you purchase tracts - all while reducing the time and headache associated with your paperwork.

Caribou’s Logger's Edge may be just the tool you need to run a more profitable logging business. 

Read on to learn about some of Caribou's benefits to loggers.

Load Ticket Tracking

Caribou helps loggers keep track of load tickets, allowing you to manage and track load information including the tract, date, destination, product, trucker, etc.  Data can either be entered directly by office personnel, imported from the mill or entered using Caribou’s Loadmaster App.

Teresa Hannah, co-founder of Caribou Software, says, "I'll say with our flagship core product, which is the Logger's Edge, it is designed very specifically as a load ticket tracking software system.

So it allows companies to take the load tickets that their drivers are giving them from the mills that they deliver to, and handle that ticket one time."

Single-touch data management helps save time and reduces room for error, and allows you to analyze your profitability data much more quickly than with manual processes.

Contractor and Landowner Payments

One of the most time-consuming tasks for a logger is making payments to contractors and landowners. Caribou's Contractor/Landowner Payment feature speeds up this process by automating many calculations.

Caribou also offers a variety of payment options for logging businesses. The program can pay based on tons, board feet, cords, bone-dry ton, or distance traveled.

Tract Productivity Analysis

Knowing how productive each tract is - and why - is critical for any logger looking to maximize their profit. Caribou's Tract Productivity Analysis helps loggers identify problem areas in the woods.

It does this by showing them where they're not reaching targeted production levels. And that helps make better business decisions for your logging operation.

Logging Cost Tracking and Analysis

Caribou can help with budgeting by helping track expenses, including fuel, machinery, equipment rentals, and more.

The program also calculates the cost of your job by tract with just a few clicks so you can know exactly how profitable each operation is - another important efficiency feature that ensures you're using resources wisely.

Manage Conversions and Cull

Do you work for mills or landowners that require specific kinds of wood to be converted at different rates?   Caribou can help manage these conversions and ensure costs are correctly reflected in your costing reports. 

Even if you pay based on the tons, you can still generate costing reports that reflect costs per MBF or Cord.  It’s also great for helping you keep track of cull weights – flexibility that  makes Caribou an ideal tool  for the logger industry.

Look Professional

The professional image you want to convey is an integral part of building trust with your clients. You can't do that if your spreadsheet doesn’t add up or has mistakes in it! Caribou reduces room for error and creates professional-looking spreadsheets. 

You can even email pay statements to your contractors and landowners through the software if you use Microsoft Outlook. 

Reduce Costs with Caribou

It's no secret that log accounting software is an investment.  However, Caribou offers an economical, industry-specific software program that can help loggers reduce their costs.

Easy-to-Use Software Program

You don't need to be a computer expert to use Caribou. The software is easy to operate and helps run your logging or operation. The only things needed are an internet connection (for installation and training purposes only) and trained) and a Windows-based computer.

The Bottom Line

Caribou (Logger's Edge) is a must-have software program for loggers and timber industry professionals. The Logger's Edge supports logging businesses by providing valuable insights about your operations.

It offers a variety of tools to help you run your business more profitably while reducing the time spent maintaining spreadsheets and filling out paperwork.

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