State Associations Program

State Associations are the backbone of the timber harvesting and hauling industry. We are partnering with these organizations to help grow membership and better understand the needs of the sector.

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South Carolina Timber Producers Association

Carolina Loggers Association

Virginia Loggers Association

Southeastern Wood Producers Association

Why Your Members Will Love It

The only way for timber haulers to join the platform is through membership in their state association. We know this will help grow your membership and link producers together in the industry. Below are a few of the valuable reasons your members are going to love the new platform:



It’s one thing to get a nice discount, but it’s another thing to discover the things that really matter. We have partnered with Michelin, Excel Truck Group, Daimler, and others to bring you impactful discounts that deliver real savings to your bottom line.


Technology plays a crucial role in the future of the timber harvesting industry. We are partnering with leading app and software platforms to give you the tools you need to succeed at a price that makes sense.


Safety is evolving and the timber hauling industry has to evolve with it. We are partnering with Team Safe Trucking to develop an online training program to help drivers get the certifications they need to do business.

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The platform will help you grow your membership and give your members incredible value for such a small fee. Get your association started today!

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Connect with one of these associations below to get started using our platform.

Jonzi Guill - NC 252-809-3057 - [email protected]

Crad Jaynes  - SC 803-530-5874  - [email protected]

Ron Jenkins - VA 804-677-4290 - [email protected]

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