Who We Are

TimberHauling.com is an independent organization funded by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities. Learn more about our story below.

Why We Started

The timber harvest and hauling sector of the overall forestry industry is the strained link in the U.S. based forest products value chain.

  • 6,500 small businesses make up the harvest and hauling sector with heavy capitalization at over $2 to $5 million per firm.
  • The logging community is constantly dealing with weather outages, mill quotas, labor shortages, high fuel costs, high equipment costs, and more.

The goal of the TimberHauling.com platform is to help this sector think and act as a market vs. independent producers

What We Are Building

We are building the TimberHauling.com platform to benefit the nation’s timber harvesting and hauling sector. The goal of the platform is to help leverage efficiencies and reduce supply chain costs for program and service providers to include the following:

  • Driving Safety Certifications
  • Discounts on Millions of Truck Parts & Services
  • Blockchain Tracking
  • Mill Wait Time Tracking
  • And more!

Our Partners

Without our partners, this platform would not be possible. Below are a few of the companies making this all happen. Learn more about all our partners on the platform page.

Our Team

Our team is the backbone of connecting all the pieces of the platform.

Pete Madden

President and CEO
U.S. Endowment
for Forestry and Communities

Ewell Smith

VP of Business Development

John Schulz

Technical Advisor

Jon Wadsworth

Lead Developer

Eric Dunn

Marketing Advisor

Bill West

Senior Advisor

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