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In partnership with the U.S. Endowment for 
Forestry and Communities (The Endowment), 
we are creating the world’s first technology 
platform for the Timber Harvesters and 
Timber Hauling sectors.
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Why We Built The Platform

The Endowment has seen the need to support the logging community and help the sector become more sustainable and profitable. We are building the TimberHauling.com platform to help the sector act more as a market vs. independent producers. How are we doing that?


Impactful Discounts

It’s one thing to get a nice discount, but it’s another thing to get in on the things that matter. We have partnered with Goodyear, Kenworth, and others to bring you impactful discounts that deliver savings to your bottom line.
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Apps & Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in the future of the timber harvesting industry. We are partnering with leading app and software platforms to give you the tools you need to succeed at a price that makes sense.
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Safety & Training

Safety is evolving and the timber hauling industry has to evolve with it. We are partnering with Team Safe Trucking to develop an online training program to help drivers get the certifications they need to do business.
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Interested in Learning More about


Learn more about the team behind the Timberhauling.com platform or contact
us today with any questions.

The Discount Program

An extra discount on the things that matter to running your business can make all the difference at the end of the year. With our discount partners, you will be able to keep your team and trucks running efficiently and effectively.



Truck Parts Discounts

Exclusive to the TimberHauling.com community, get impactful discounts on all your needed truck parts with special pricing on all repair services with Excel Truck Group.

Tire Programs

Exclusive to the TimberHauling.com community, take major savings to your bottom line with the Tire Program.



SAVE $$$

Verizon Connect

With the TimberHauling.com platform, get industry-leading discounts on products and services with Verizon Connect.


Vendor Brands

3 Hours

Saved Every Day




in Average Savings


The Endowment is partnering with state and regional logging associations - the backbone of this community and platform. Without their assistance and guidance, none of this would be possible. Learn more about the benefits of the TimberHauling.com platform for your association.
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